How it works

Donate to one of the projects and share your involvement with others. You can donate simply by using the ‘Support Campaign’ button or by clicking on one of the proposed amounts. Depending on the amount chosen, you will receive a thank-you for your donation!

You can donate as follows:

  1. click on ‘Support Campaign’;
  2. choose the amount and the accompanying thank-you or fill in the amount that you wish to donate;
  3. fill in your name and email address;
  4. choose your method of payment: via iDEAL, credit card or a once-only automatic bank debit;
  5. to send you your thank-you, we may have to ask you to fill in a delivery address.

You can share your involvement with others by clicking on the icons on the right; this will take you to the relevant channel and the correct link will be included in your message.